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HengYu Job Position Skills Training And Guidance

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HengYu Job Position Skills Training And Guidance

Guangzhou HengYu Iron-Printing & Can-Making Co., Ltd, a manufacturer for aerosol cans and components including cones, domes and printed tinplate sheets. HengYu is proud of the integrated production process from coil cutting to tinplate printing, stamping, cutting and can-making. Recently we have Job skills training and job guidance For printing workshop, stamping workshop and can-making workshop staffs.

  • A Commitment to Excellence: Integrated Production Process

At the heart of Guangzhou Hengyu is an integrated production process that spans from coil cutting to tinplate printing, stamping, cutting, and can-making. This comprehensive approach not only ensures the highest quality aerosol cans but also reflects the company's commitment to efficiency and innovation.

  • Investing in Human Capital: Job Skills Training

Recognizing the importance of skilled and empowered employees, Guangzhou Hengyu has recently implemented a robust job skills training program. This initiative aims to equip the staff in the printing workshop, stamping workshop, and can-making workshop with the latest industry knowledge and techniques.

  • The Printing Workshop: Precision and Artistry

In the printing workshop, employees undergo specialized training to master the intricacies of tinplate printing. From selecting the finest materials to executing intricate designs with precision, this program ensures that each staff member becomes a maestro in the art of aerosol can aesthetics.


  • The Stamping Workshop: Crafting with Precision

The stamping workshop plays a crucial role in shaping the raw materials into the desired forms. Job skills training in this department focuses on precision stamping techniques, machine operation, and safety protocols. As a result, the staff emerges as experts in transforming plain tinplate into the distinctive shapes required for aerosol cans.


  • The Can-Making Workshop: Bringing Designs to Life

The can-making workshop is where the components come together to form the final product. Training here encompasses the assembly process, quality control measures, and the use of cutting-edge technology. Employees are empowered to bring designs to life, ensuring that every aerosol can leaving the facility is a testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Beyond Training: Job Guidance and Career Development

Guangzhou Hengyu goes beyond training by providing job guidance and career development support. This involves mentorship programs, career counseling, and opportunities for advancement within the company. The goal is not just to create skilled workers but to foster a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

  • A Future of Possibilities

As Guangzhou Hengyu invests in its employees, it is not only securing its position as a leader in aerosol can manufacturing but also contributing to the growth of the local workforce. The company's commitment to excellence and human capital development serves as an inspiration for the industry, demonstrating that success is not just about products but about the people who make it happen.

In Guangzhou Hengyu Iron-Printing & Can-Making Co., Ltd, the future is not just about manufacturing aerosol cans; it's about empowering individuals to reach new heights of success.

We believe in creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders, and our success is based on our ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.




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