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Mould Release Silicon Spray Can Mould Release Silicon Spray Can
Mould Release Silicon Spray Can Mould Release Silicon Spray Can


Mould Release Silicon Spray Can

Product Description

1. Material Preparation

  The process begins with the preparation of the raw material, which is tinplate. Tinplate is a sheet of steel coated with a thin layer of tin, providing corrosion resistance and a smooth surface for printing.

2. Coil Cutting

  The tinplate sheets are then cut into specific sizes based on the dimensions required for coating or stamping

3. Printing & Coating

After cutting, the tinplate sheets may undergo coating processes. Coatings can include protective layers or finishes such as matte or glossy coatings, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.

The cut and coated tinplate sheets move to the printing stage. This is a critical step where the cans receive their decorative and informational graphics. Printing may include the application of colors, branding, product information, and any other required designs.

4.Cone and Dome Production

Depending on the aerosol can design, cone and dome components are stamped separately. These components will be attached to the can body later in the process.

5. Forming the Can Body

  The printed and coated tinplate sheets are then shaped into cylindrical forms, forming the body of the aerosol can. The edges are carefully welded to ensure a secure and leak-proof container.

6. Assembly

  The can body, cone, and dome are assembled together, creating the complete aerosol can structure. This assembly ensures the can is tightly sealed, preventing leakage and maintaining product integrity. All cans are tested for the air-leakage.

7. Quality Control

  At various stages throughout the manufacturing process, quality control checks are conducted to ensure that each aerosol can meets the specified standards. This includes dimensional checks, print quality assessments, and leakage tests.

8. Packaging

   Once the quality control checks are successfully completed, the empty aerosol cans are ready for packaging. The cans are packed into pallets by automative packing machine or packed in cartons manually.

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